Instructions to Create a New WiFi Account

Instructions to Create a New WiFi Account

PDF Version of Instructions, Terms and conditions


  • When in the courtrooms (Hato Rey, Old San Juan or Ponce) or adjacent areas, activate your mobile device WIFI capabilities.
  • Select “ATTY_wifi” from the available network list.
  • Select to connect automatically and when asked for a password or security key, enter the following phrase (without the quotes): "we the people"

Figure 1 Selecting WiFi Network (Apple iPad)  Figure 1

  • Open your favorite browser and the Attorneys’ WIFI Welcome Page will automatically appear.
  • After thoroughly reading the “Terms and Conditions of Use”, select Create Account.
  • In the name field, enter your “group identifier* & first & last name”, “email address” (use in CM/ECF) and the “password” that you would like to use within the system. (see figures 2 and 3)

Figure 2 New Account Acknowledge (Apple iPad)  Figure 2

Figure 3 Entering Personal Information (Apple iPad)  Figure 3

  • *When entering your name it is important to enter your access group identifier before the name.  See below:
    • Attorneys - bar number & name & last name – (i.e. 123456 John Doe)
    • Government AttorneysGXXXXX & name & last name – (i.e. G12345 Jane Doe)
    • Pro Hac Vice Attorneys PHV & name & last name - (i.e. PHV Jane Doe)
    • U.S. Trustees – UST & name & last name - (i.e. UST John Doe)
  • Click on "Create Account" once again to complete your request.
  • You will receive an email with a verification link for you to confirm the new account request.  Click the appropriate link and on “Yes, confirm this” to complete the process. (see figures 4 and 5)

Figure 4 Confirmation eMail  Figure 4      Figure 5 Verification Links  Figure 5 

  • Wait for the Court Network Administrator to verify your information and authorize your account.  (Due to the information verification process, this might take from a few minutes to a few hours.)

Figure 6 Authorization Completed eMail  Figure 6

  • Once your account has been authorized, you will receive an email acknowledging that you are authorized to use the WIFI service.  Also, the included link will allow you to modify your personal information, email address and password.
  • Now when accessing the service’s Login Screen, you must select Login and proceed to enter your email and selected password to use the service.