Court-Annexed Mediation

Local Civil Rule 83J states that all civil cases are eligible for court-annexed mediation upon selection by the Court at its sole discretion or in the exercise of its discretion upon motion by one of the parties, or by stipulation of all parties. The rule also regulates the mediation process allowing selected mediators to seek expert advice, and to hold separate, private caucuses with any party or counsel, among others.  Compensation of mediators shall be borne equally by the parties unless otherwise directed by the Court.  Pursuant to Local Civil Rule 83J(c)(4)(D), the selected mediators must accept their designation in writing by completing and filing a Mediator's Acknowledgement of Designation Declaration.

The Court has established the following criteria for eligibility to serve as a mediator in the District of Puerto Rico:

  1. be a member in good standing of the bar of this Court for at least five (5) years; and,
  2. have at least five (5) years of experience in the resolution of legal disputes (as an arbitrator, judge, mediator, or similar); and,
  3. have demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and sound judgment throughout his or her career as determined by a committee of judges.


Those interested in being included in the List of Mediators for the District of Puerto Rico must complete an Application for Inclusion in List of Mediators to be submitted to:

Clerk, United States District Court
Federal Bldg., Room 150
150 Carlos Chardón Street
San Juan, Puerto Rico   00918-1767