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Message from the Clerk of Court

The United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico is a federal court created under the Constitution of the United States. Its six active and three senior judges were appointed by the President under Article III of the Constitution. These judges are assisted by five magistrate judges who help them in the daily business of the administration of Justice. The Court is very much aware of its grave responsibility as guardian of the rights embodied in the Constitution and the promise of Justice for all, including the citizens of Puerto Rico.

This web site has been created to serve as a tool for all citizens to use in their search for information that can assist them in the ultimate exercise of their constitutional rights. At the Office of the Clerk, we serve with dedication in order to render the necessary services to the Court, so that it may comply with its solemn responsibility of administering Justice. We are a group of professionals united by a single quest and a single goal of excellence. Following the footsteps of the framers of the Constitution, we strive to make sure the rights obtained through so much sacrifice, are a living reality in Puerto Rico.