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Procedure for Mailing Discovery Legal Material for Inmates at the Federal Detention Center in Miami, FL

The Legal Liaison Department at Federal Detention Center (FDC), in Miami, Florida has informed on the procedures for mailing discovery legal material to inmates at the Federal Detention Center (FDC) in Miami, Florida:  All legal mail and materials including electronic discovery materials should be mailed to the inmate using the procedures below: 

  • All legal materials must be clearly marked to be processed as legal mail. 
  • The return address area of all legal mail, including discovery CDs/DVDs, should contain the attorney's name, followed by the words:  "ATTORNEY" or "ATTORNEY AT LAW, "ATTORNEY-CLIENT MAIL".
  • The envelope must be clearly marked: "LEGAL MAIL - OPEN ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF THE INMATE".
  • Attorneys must complete a Discovery Authorization form and e-mail it to:
  • The Discovery Authorization form must be mailed along with the electronic discovery.
  • Attorneys should write on the subject line of the e-mailDiscovery Authorization-Inmate Name, Register Number.
  • External hard drive requests must be sent on letterhead addressed to the Warden explaining why CD/DVD cannot be used, along with the Discovery Authorization form. 
  • Once approved by the Warden, you can send in the hard drive to the inmate using the above procedure. 
  • Thumb drives are not allowed.