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Court Locations

Street Address: 

Federico Degetau Federal Bldg. Room 150
150 Carlos Chardón St.
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico  00918     (map)
Tel:  787.772.3000

Name Telephone Fax
Agnes Ferrer, Esq., Acting Clerk of Court 787.772.3006 787.772.3415
Jorge E. Soltero-Palés, Esq.
Chief Deputy Clerk
Federal Bar Admission and Examinations 787.772.3016  
Minor Violations Claims (CVB) 787.772.3012  


Name Telephone Fax
CM/ECF Support Help Desk 787.772.3449 787.772.3434
Court of Appeals Cases Help Desk 787.772.3050  
Intake Counter / Records and Reproductions 787.772.3001 787.766.5693
Courtroom Deputies 787.772.3420 787.772.3077
Docket Clerks 787.772.3450 787.766.5605
Pro Se Law Clerk 787.772.3019  

Court Services

Name Telephone Fax
Jury Administration 787.772.3021  
Jury Hotline 787.772.3333
1.800.981.3420 (toll free)
Staff Interpreters   787.772.3373
Court Reporters:    
     Robin Dispenzieri (Hon. Raúl M. Arias-Marxuach) 787.772.3471  
     Amy Walker (Hon. Aida M. Delgado-Colón) 787.772.3470  
     Cindy Lee Brown (Hon. Pedro A. Delgado-Hernández) 787.772.3478  
     Evilys E. Carrion-Esquilín (Hon Silvia Carreño-Coll) 787.772.3377  
     Lisa O'Brien (Hon. Daniel R. Dominguez) 787.772.3481  
     Rachelle Robinson-Ware (Hon. Jay A. García-Gregory) 787.772.3476  


Name Telephone Fax
Finance Department 787-772-3430 787.772.3212
CJA Voucher Help Desk 787.772.3451  
Criminal Debt (SMA, Fines, Restitutions, etc.)

First Circuit Satellite Library

Name Telephone Fax
Jose Luis García J.D., Satellite Librarian 787.772.3097 787.766-5747
Ana M. Espinosa-Cancel MLS, Library Technician 787.772.3096  

Clerk's Office in Old San Juan

Address Telephone Fax
Jose V. Toledo U.S. Courthouse
300 Recinto Sur St.
San Juan, PR  00901
787.977.6138 787.977.6185