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Standing Orders

Filesort ascending Judge Name Revision Edit
PDF icon Order in the matter of Petit and Grand Jury Service Hon. Aida M. Delgado-Colón 2012-01-10
PDF icon Misc. No. 19-436: Hearing of Petitions for Naturalization during year 2020 Hon. Gustavo A. Gelpí 2019-12-10
PDF icon Resolution - Order of Reference for Bankruptcy Cases Hon. Juan R. Torruella 1984-07-19
PDF icon Designation of Bankruptcy Judges to Conduct Jury Trials Hon. Carmen C. Cerezo 1996-02-13
PDF icon Access to the Harvey B. Nachman Satellite Library Hon. Juan R. Torruella 1996-09-24
PDF icon Jencks Act Discovery Material Hon. Héctor M. Lafitte 2003-03-04
PDF icon Agents for Sureties - Courtroom Decorum Hon. José A. Fusté 2006-08-01
PDF icon Policy Regarding Electronic Devices & Amendment Hon. José A. Fusté 2006-05-10
PDF icon Consolidation of the Pretrial and Probation Offices Hon. José A. Fusté 2007-02-20
PDF icon Appropriate Use of Attorney Lounge Hon. José A. Fusté 2007-03-30