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Bar Examination Subjects Tested

The following subjects have been tested in prior Federal Bar Examinations. The same are published for information purposes only. This list does not represent the totality of topics that may be tested in the mentioned subjects of the examination.

  1. Federal Civil Procedure (Sample Questions)

    Service of summons, discovery proceedings, joinder of claims and/or parties, witnesses, judgments, complaints, jury trials, counterclaims, legal capacity of the parties, summary judgments, and motions to dismiss.

  2. Federal Evidence (Sample Questions)

    Relevant evidence, inadmissible evidence, prior convictions, written statements, substantive evidence and evidence used for impeachment purposes, hearsay, use of expert opinions, judicial notice, cross-examinations, admissions of a party and objections.

  3. Federal Juridiction and Venue (Sample Questions)

    Dismissal, remand, removal of cases, subject matter jurisdiction and diversity jurisdiction.

  4. Federal Criminal Procedure (Sample Questions)

    Grand jury, petit juries, cross-examinations, conflict of interest, arraignments, summons, pleas, admissions, preliminary examinations, discovery, bill of particulars, witness statements and verdicts.

  5. Local Rules (Sample Questions)

    Filings, service, motions, pleadings, registry of funds, judgments, mediation, entry of default, dismissals, pre-trial conferences, consolidation of cases, security, settlements and attorneys.

  6. Federal Appellate Procedure (Sample Questions)

    Terms, notice of appeal, briefs, appendix and record on appeal.

  7. Bankruptcy (Sample Questions)

    Chapters 7, 11 and 13, trustees, confirmation of plans, proof of claim, secured claims, automatic stay, voluntary and involuntary cases, appeals, reports, property of the estate, debtors in possession, and discharge.

  8. Ethics (Sample Questions)

    Model Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the American Bar Association.