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How to Setup a Video Tele-Conference (VTC) for Virtual Courtroom Proceedings

A video tele-conference (VTC) is a live, visual communication connection between two (2) or more people in separate locations. The Court has created permanent VTC bridge connections to be used in conjunction with the Zoom.Gov application and other tele-conference codec programs to conduct court proceedings in a Virtual Courtroom.

You can participate in a VTC connection to a Virtual Courtroom from outside the Court premises using any of these methods: 

  • a computer internet browser (preferred)
  • a mobile device (iPad/iPhone) (some Android devices might present video incompatibilities)


Make sure that the device you choose to connect to a Virtual Courtroom meets the following requirements: 

  • a working microphone
  • Camera
  • Speakers
  • a reliable connection to the internet


The Court is not responsible in providing technical support related to hardware/software or
incompatibility matters using the Zoom.Gov application to non-court personnel/equipment.


Click on the following URL links for more information on how to setup a VTC for Virtual Courtroom Proceedings: