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Important Message to All Court Visitors

The Court's goal is to provide superior customer service and to create an atmosphere of decorum.  In return, the Court expects all visitors to respect the Court and its staff.

There are several things you should know if you are a Court visitor:

  • Dress appropriately.  This is a professional setting and you are encouraged to dress accordingly.  Wear clean, fitted clothes.  Shirts and shoes are required.  Inappropriate attire such as muscle shirts, tank tops, halter tops, shirts with spaguetti straps, shirts that show your midriff, shorts, cut-off jeans, pants that fall below the hip, micro-mini skirts, pants with holes or flip-flop shoes will not be allowed in the courtroom or other court premises.  Hats must be taken off before entering any courtroom.
  • Cellphones and Electronic Devices.  Cellphones and electronic devices are prohibited within Federal Office Building and courthouse.
  • Food and drinks.  Food and drinks are not allowed in Court premises.
  • Smokin​g.  No smoking is allowed inside and within 25-feet of the Federal Office Building.  You must use the designated smoking areas.
  • Weapons.  Weapons are strictly prohibited.
  • Children.  Children who become noisy will be required to remain outside the courtrooms and Court premises under adult supervision.
  • Decorum.  You should be quiet and respectful while the Court conducts its business.  Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may be grounds for removal from the premises and contempt charges.