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Judiciary Launches New Federal Ticket Processing Website


Individuals can now pay tickets for minor federal violations more easily, using a redesigned website for the Judiciary’s Central Violations Bureau (CVB). The website, officially launching in early May, leverages new technologies and best design practices to improve usability and accessibility across devices, including smart phones.

The new CVB website includes features that will make it easier for users to navigate the online payment process, find details about their ticket, and understand the conditions of their violation notice. The update also supports accessibility tools that aid those with visual and hearing impairments.

It is the first major update to the CVB website in a decade. The upgrade is part of the Judiciary’s ongoing effort to improve usability and accessibility of their public websites. The CVB will collect feedback from users to inform future enhancements to the website.

“We hope users will appreciate the many improvements we’ve made to the new CVB website that will make the payment of federal tickets online easier and help users better navigate and understand the options that are available to them,” said CVB Chief Ted Willmann.

Key features include:

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Integrated online payment form with, a secure government collection portal
  • Search engine optimization to improve content findability
  • Interactive format to browse frequently asked questions and provide feedback
  • New accessibility support tools for those with disabilities

The CVB, based in San Antonio, Texas, processes tickets issued, and payments received for petty offenses, committed on federal property. This includes violations in federal buildings, national parks, military installations, and post offices. The CVB also processes tickets for some violations of federal law that may occur on private property, including migratory bird offenses.

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