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Order Regarding Procedures for Members of the Public to Request to Speak at the Hearing on Confirmation of HTA Plan of Adjustment


Please click on the following URL link to access PROMESA: Order Regarding Procedures for Members of the Public to Speak at Confirmation Hearing of HTA Plan of Adjustment


The Court will hear argument and receive evidence in connection with the request of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico (the “Oversight Board”) for approval of the Third Amended Title III Plan of Adjustment of the Puerto Rico Highways and Transportation Authority (Docket Entry No. 21267 in Case No. 17-3283, as may be supplemented or amended, the “HTA Plan of Adjustment”) at a hearing beginning on August 17,2022 (the “Confirmation Hearing”). During the first day of the Confirmation Hearing, the Court will set aside time during which members of the public will have an opportunity to address the Court briefly on their views concerning the proposed HTA Plan of Adjustment. Members of the public interested in addressing the Court on August 17, 2022, may request permission to appear and speak by completing a registration form at the following website:


Due to time constraints, the Court will randomly select up to eight individuals who have completed a registration form to participate in the Confirmation Hearing. All requests to participate in the Confirmation Hearing as a member of the public must be submitted through the website link by July 27, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. (Atlantic Standard Time). Members of the public who are selected will be notified promptly of their selection at the email addresses they have provided in the online registration form. Selected participants must confirm their attendance by responding promptly to the email from the Court. Only members of the public who are selected and who confirm their intention to attend the Confirmation Hearing by the stated deadline will be permitted to participate during the public participation portion of the Confirmation Hearing.
Participants will be required to appear in person at the Clemente Ruiz Nazario United States Courthouse, 150 Carlos Chardón Street, Federal Building, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00918-1767, at the appointed time and will be afforded up to ten minutes each (including any time required for interpretation of remarks made in Spanish) to address the Court. A certified Spanish interpreter will be provided. Remote participation (by phone or Zoom) is not permitted. Participants must comply with the relevant COVID-19 protocols2 (including applicable masking and social distancing requirements) upon arrival at the Clemente Ruiz Nazario United States Courthouse.
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