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PROMESA: Order Regarding Procedures for November 2-3, 2022 Omnibus Hearing


Click on the following link to access Order Regarding Procedures for November 2-3, 2022 PROMESA Omnibus Hearing

In order to listen-in on the proceedings by telephone, attorneys, members of the public and press interested in covering the aforementioned hearing should dial (888) 363-4749 and enter the access code (7214978) and security code 7533 when prompted. The access lines for press and the general public will be in listen-only mode at all times. Recording and further broadcasting of the proceedings by any means remain prohibited. Detailed information on press and media connection for the Hearing can be found in Page 3, Item 3 of the order referenced above. See 17-03283  (LTS) (DE 22668).

Please be reminded that, as per Fifteenth Amended Order Continuing Civil and Criminal Proceedings, Misc. No. 20-088 (RAM) (Docket No.49), September 21, 2022, and Third Amended Protocol for In-Person Hearings and Trials, some hearings can be held via Telephone or Videoconferencing.

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