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NextGen CM/ECF - What It Means for You

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Support Contact Information
Helpdesk 787.772.3449
PACER 800.676.6856

The United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico upgraded its Case Management/Electronic Case Filing System (CM/ECF) to the Next Generation of CM/ECF (NextGen). This upgrade provides users with several new benefits.  One of these benefits is Central Sign-On, a login process which allows e-filing attorneys to use one PACER login and password to access any NextGen court (district, appellate and bankruptcy) in which they practice.  To login to NextGen CM/ECF, attorneys must obtain their own individual PACER account and upgrade it..

Please click on the following URL link for a step-by-step procedure on how to request e-Filing access to NextGen CM/ECF:

Note: Not all courts have implemented NextGen CM/ECF. If you file in courts that have not converted to NextGen yet, you must continue to use that court's CM/ECF login and password until they implement NextGen CM/ECF.

Linking your PACER Account to NextGen CM/ECF

Please click on the following URL links for step-by-step procedures on how to link your individual upgraded PACER account to NextGen CM/ECF:

  1. How to Link your Individual Upgraded PACER Account to NextGen CM/ECF 
  2. How to obtain your own individual PACER account 
    NOTE:  If you already have an individual PACER account, you do not need to create a new one. 
  3. How to recover your PACER username
  4. How to recover your PACER password
  5. How to upgrade a legacy PACER account
  6. How to recover your CM/ECF username
  7. How to recover your CM/ECF password
  8. How to link your upgraded individual PACER account in NextGen CM/ECF

Additional Information

Please click on the following URL links for additional information:

NextGen Correspondence to Attorneys