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Video Teleconference (VTC) Hearing Links

Members of the Press

Members of the press must continue to observe the established “Guidelines for Public, Press and Media to Access Video/Teleconference Hearings in the United States District Court of Puerto Rico (Rev. May 2020)”

Recording and further broadcasting of the proceedings by any means is prohibited under Local Civil Rule 83F(b)(1). Although Judicial Conference policy generally prohibits the broadcasting of proceedings in federal trial courts, the Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference has approved a limited temporary exception to the policy to allow a judge to authorize the use of teleconference technology to provide the public and the press with audio access to court proceedings while public access to federal courthouses is restricted due to the health and safety concerns presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Naming Conventions for Admission to Virtual Proceedings

Click on the following URL link for detailed instructions of the naming conventions by Zoom participants for admission to virtual proceedings:
How to Change your Name in a Virtual Proceeding

STEP 1: For audio, please dial:

  • 833-568-8864 US Toll-free
  • 939-201-3039 Puerto Rico

STEP 2: Access the hearing using the presiding judge's ZOOM meeting ID and passcode:

United States District Judges

Judge Name Zoom Link Meeting ID Passcode
Hon. Raúl M. Arias-Marxuach 160 517 5713 558517
Hon. Aida M. Delgado-Colón 160 170 4773 396399
Hon. Pedro A. Delgado-Hernández 160 885 6959 491188
Hon. Silvia Carreño-Coll 160 814 5136 668687

United States Senior Judges

Judge Name Zoom Link Meeting ID Passcode
Hon. Daniel R. Domínguez 161 627 6686 661619
Hon. Jay A. García-Gregory 160 406 4804 207061
Hon. Francisco A. Besosa 161 592 0751 595674

United States Magistrate Judges

Judge Name Zoom Link Meeting ID Passcode
Hon. Camille L. Vélez-Rivé 160 561 2882 055743
Hon. Bruce J. McGiverin 160 756 1276 390192
Hon. Marcos E. López.  160 638 4372 382838
Hon. Marshal D. Morgan 160 660 4646 886362
Hon. Giselle López-Soler 160 423 0623 708090

United States Visiting Judges

Judge Name Zoom Link Meeting ID Passcode
Hon. Timothy S. Hillman 161 927 9530 442857
Hon. Joseph L. Laplante 160 133 1260 869378
Hon. John Woodcock, Jr. 161 608 8207 398828
Hon. William G. Young 161 824 8297 895227