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Press Release: Press and Public Access to Hearings in cases 22-mj-1402 & 22-mj-1403 (CVR) on November 18, 2022 at 3:30PM


United States District Court of Puerto Rico announces Press and Public Access to Initial Appearance Hearing for cases 22-mj-1402 (U.S. V. O. Hernández-Camacho & N. Rivera-Suarez) and 22-mj-1403 (U.S. V. E. Matos-Santos) on November 18, 2022, at 3:30PM.

November 18, 2022(San Juan, PR): The United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico (“USDCPR”) informs that, to listen in to the Initial Appearance Hearing in cases 22-mj-1402 (U.S. v. Osvaldo Hernández-Camacho & Nelson Rivera-Suarez) and 22-mj-1403 (U.S. v. Edgardo Matos-Santos) before Magistrate Judge Camille Vélez-Rivé, scheduled for Friday November 18, 2022 at 3:30PM, by teleconference, members of the press should send an email to In accordance with the USDCPR’s Guidelines for Press and Media Access to Video/Teleconference Hearings, email request should include the case number, date and time of the scheduled hearing, as well as the name and contact information (telephone and email address) of the news media organization interested in listening to the hearing. Clerk’s Office staff may reach out to requesting parties to confirm information provided in the email request.
Recording and further broadcasting of the proceedings by any means is prohibited under Local Civil Rule 83F(b)(1). Although Judicial Conference policy generally prohibits the broadcasting of proceedings in federal trial courts, the Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference has approved a limited temporary exception to the policy to allow a judge to authorize the use of teleconference technology to provide the public and the press with audio access to court proceedings while public access to federal courthouses is restricted due to the health and safety concerns presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.
For additional information, please visit the USDCPR’s Internet website at, Twitter Account (@USCourtsDPR) or call 787-772-3000.
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